Crypto Networks. Beta-versions

After the next review of a new project, we continue our study at our virtual University of Crypto social networks. And the theme of the lesson today is Crypto-net. Beta versions

First, what is the beta version of the crypto social network, if you explain it in simple words? In fact – this is a common crypto social network, the creators and developers of which are not completely confident in the stability of the website functionality. They would like to further test their project with potential users and volunteers.

Usually, everyone is invited to participate in the beta-version, but sometimes the organizers of the project invite only a definite circle of people, with the opinion of which they are considered.

If you look at the list of potential crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website then you will notice that many of the projects mentioned in it are in beta versions.

I always try to take part in new projects at this stage, especially when I am personally invited. And even now I’m participating in several new projects, which I will tell you about soon. Unfortunately, not always I have enough time for that, but I’m always interested.

Secondly, it can be more profitable. Most cryptonetworks have referral programs and by the time the website is fully launched, you will already be well well-acquainted with that and will be able to invite your friends more confidently.

In addition, beta-versions provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the fundamentally new elements. It’s no secret that many new projects have rather powerful creative teams and plan to create several new opportunities.

If we summarize all of the above, I would recommend all those who want to achieve serious success in working with crypto social networks – to participate in beta-versions, when such an opportunity is provided.

As always, I will be happy with your questions and comments that you leave on the Levelnaut website. They very well motivate to continue to share secrets and interesting tools of work.

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