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Today is April 30, the last day of the month, and I want to remind you that it is necessary to make your personal financial report. But this is only if you have decided seriously engage in crypto social networks. However, we will talk about it tomorrow, at the next lesson at the open University of crypto-social networks.

And today we have a plan to review the next project. Let me remind you that every third day of my publications I dedicate to project reviews and today is just such a day.

Crypto social network Ambbox has recently appeared in the profile market and is not a fundamentally new solution in terms of its functionality. The Ambbox website is built on the same CMS as some other projects, such as CryptoSocial and some others.

But we know perfectly well that the platform on which the site is built is very important, but far from decisive. Much more important is what a creative and hardworking team is behind this project.

Unlike CryptoSocial, Ambbox does not even have its own system of rewarding users for activity and its own coin. And the only thing for which you can get money today is $ 0.05 for participation in the referral program.

But the project is developing and literally the day before there appeared a new forum, which is clearly a sign not only of discussion, but also of the development of the project.

Unfortunately, so far very little is known about the project team. It seems that it is only being formed. But on the other hand, there is already a forum where all this can be clarified, as well as ask other questions.

The functionality of the Ambbox website provides the possibility of inviting and communicating with friends. This element is one of the key in any social project. So far, there is no system of curatorship and boosterization here. But I am sure that in any crypto social network, in the course of time there are advancements in these directions too.

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