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Yesterday I promised that I will make today a brief financial report on the results of the month. No problem, now we will quickly go through the list of crypto social networks and see what changes in incomes occurred in the last month.

In order not to miss anything, consider two lists. The first, as usually, is a complete list of crypto-currency networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ which you already know well. And the second list is your own list of cryptocurrency, which you earned in all these projects. Also we need my yesterday list – Top of April, 2018.

The first thing you can notice even without any analysis, is the increase in your income in the Steemit project. This is understandable, because a month ago the STEEM coin was worth 1.55$, and today its value is 4.14$. But not only for this reason Steemit topped my yesterday’s list of cryptonetworks for April 2018. For a second reason, I’ll say a little bit lower.

In second place in the same list is EMPOWR, despite the fact that today its max bid price is only 0.48$. I have no doubt that the value of this coin will grow, not only because EMPOWR becomes the same classical crypto social network as Steemit. I’m absolutely sure that the coins of all crypto social networks will grow in value.

And those in which the basic classical elements already exist today (user reward for activity, communication between users, own cryptocurrency, curatorial system and booster system) will be guaranteed to provide a stable income in the future.

Despite the fact that the Earn project is on the third place in my list, the MINDS project and revenues in this network are more classic today. Especially in view of the fact that coins are already available for withdrawal. MINDS more confidently goes towards the classical project than Earn (which pays stably, but in satoshi and does not have all the other signs of the classical cryptosocial network).

Very well went up earnings in Yours, but there is also no own coin and users receive a reward in BCH. Let me remind you that Yours does not currently have a booster system.

And now let’s sum up the results and make a brief conclusion from the financial report of the month. It can sound like this – coins of cryptosocial networks in any case will grow in price in the future. But in those projects that adhere to the classical scheme – this will happen more stable and more reliable. And then everything will depend on the teams that stand behind these projects.

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