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It’s nice to realize that in the market of social networks, everything happens according to my predictions. There is a certain classical scheme now (user reward for activity, communication between users, own crypto currency, curator system and booster system), which is adhered to by almost all successful projects.

Strengthening of social networks coins is also observed. And those projects in which were not own coins – quickly pass ICO and bring to market their new tokens. In short, everything is still going on in my scenario.

And if this is so, then very soon we will see a real boom of crypto social networks. This will obligatorily happen, as the population of the planet is aging and social networks – this is something that will help these people with real communication and vital activity. But we will talk about this another time.

At this point, I want to add to you only one thing: you can not even imagine how many projects are candidates for my main list of crypto social networks and how their number increases every day.

And now we turn to the topic of our next lesson at the open University of crypto-social networks and continue studying the subject called Buttons.

Very many projects provide for the presence of the button Create a group in the members’ profile. Typically, it is in the Settings or in Groups (option – create a new one).

For example, I have in my list of useful information https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/20/catalog-of-useful-articles/ a special link to my groups in crypto social networks. If time allows you, then I recommend creating such groups. There are several reasons for this.

The first. In such groups you can answer the questions of your followers, referrals, friends and just users of this project. It is important. Remember that your role of a successful crypto businessman will not lie in throwing a link somewhere or launching a spam mailing, but in leading those people whom you invited into the project. In the group, this is most convenient, since it saves time.

The second. With the help of the group, you can arrange the migration of your referrals to other projects. It is important or not – decide for yourself.

The third. In the group, if it is well promoted, a useful exchange of thematic information takes place. And this, too, can be of use to you.

The fourth. Many crypto social networks encourage the creation of groups and they even provide a reward for such activity.

There are other reasons why it makes sense to use the Create group button, but the ones mentioned above are enough to draw your attention to this button.

How to create such groups correctly, we’ll talk somehow on another occasion.

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