Adorin at my PR laboratory

As I have already said, in my list of crypto social networks is simply a huge queue to add. Now I’m not talking even about the list of potential networks, and moreover, I do not mean the projects that are currently undergoing the ICO stage.

That is why, with such confidence I declare that every third day I will review the new project. This does not mean that they will all will be finally added to the main list of crypto social networks of the Levelnaut website, but at least you that you will know about them.

I have also mentioned not one time that my goal is to leave only the top 50 best and most profitable projects in the main list, so I will add to it for the testing period, anything that I find interesting or those projects, that you will recommend to me in the comments.

Today I want to add the site Adorin to the main list, despite the fact that it does not have the main elements, the main criteria for selection in the main list.

In this crypto social network, there is not yet a system for rewarding users for their activity and there is no its own coin. But as we already know very well, these elements are added very quickly. Otherwise, the project simply becomes uninteresting for users and, as a rule, ceases to exist.

Also, there is not yet a system of curation and there are no boosters, but Adorin was built on the same platform as the already popular CryptoSocial project and the social network Ambbox, which I talked about in the previous review.

Thus, the chances for Adorin are very good and everything will depend on how his team will act.

As for the functional, as I said, it is the same as in the mentioned crypto social networks and it makes no sense to describe it again. One can only say that there is absolutely everything in it and it is necessary only gradually to add the basic functions and systems – the reward of users for activity, the system of supervision, the system of boosterization, and it is desirable to create your own coin. And then everything will depend on the creativity of the creators and developers.

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