In one of my past posts I mentioned the list of 50 crypto social networks, so today I want to make some clarifications.

Those of you, dear readers, who are interested in crypto social networks already know the list that I’m talking about right now. Yes, this is the full list that is on the page of the Levelnaut website.

I want to remind you that I am doing this list not only to bring together all the various projects that are currently on this profile market, but also so that we all have a good opportunity for the long-termization of our crypto-currency investments and savings.

But to date, this list is still very far from perfect. There are enough projects in it that do not even have the minimum necessary elements, which include: user reward for activity, communication between users, own crypto currency, curator system and booster system.

Of course, this list is constantly moderated, new sites are added to it and those that are insufficiently effective are completely removed. Also I delete projects, that completely do not correspond to the concept of a crypto currency network, and their developers do not plan changes in this plan.

But in the end, such a list will be done anyway. And even today it is quite unlike the one that was at the very beginning.

I invite you to participate more actively in its improvement. Therefore, I will be glad to hear your comments.

Moreover, if these comments contain links to interesting and sufficiently complete reviews from your sites or blogs, I promise that they will be preserved and readers will be able to read your opinion in the comments and go to your sites and blogs after reading the main list. This is a good offer and I recommend that you take advantage of it.

Together we can make a list of 50 crypto social networks a truly effective tool of work and guarantee the safety of our crypto currency means in the future.

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