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The Share button sometimes works better than the whole army. In fact – this is a very powerful weapon, a very effective tool for work. This is your PR machine and if you properly set it up, then you do not need anything else.

As you have guessed, today we have another lesson at the open University of crypto social networks. And the course, which we continue to study, is called “Buttons”.

I very actively use the Share button and in my directory of useful information about crypto networks https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/20/catalog-of-useful-articles/ is something that periodically spreads in this way.

Now I will give some advice as background information. If you think about them well, then this lesson will be very useful for you.

1. The Share button is a very important tool. Remember it constantly. As soon as you go into any crypto social network, immediately keep in mind it, otherwise all the information that is useful and interesting to you, will not work in your favor.

2. Sometimes this button may have a different appearance, for example, it can be called Repost or any other way, but its essence remains the same. Thanks to this tool, you have the opportunity to form your target audience.

3. Target audience – are the readers and users to whom your information is most interesting. This is your own army. But the army you must constantly feed. Try to use for that the most “healthy products”. Then your own menu will be varied and healthy.

4. In my catalog there is a link to my groups, you can easily find it. In my groups, you can share any information on the topic of crypto currency and any other. I have no limits. Restrictions should only be in your brain. But far from everyone likes, when on their sites, in their groups, and in their social networks users share what is unpleasant to the owners. Therefore, I recommended earlier – to create your own groups. There, your Share button will work best.

5. If you use the Add to Friends button correctly, then you will not have problems with what is described in the previous paragraph. But about the button Add to friends, we’ll talk some other time.

6. Try to be diverse, do not share only professional or specific information. We are not yet fully cyborgs, so readers are interested in seeing the person (that is you) behind your Share button.

7. Remember the very important rule – do not be afraid to share other people’s information. The more actively you promote others, the more actively they will promote you. If this function is paid, for example, in the crypto social network Yours or in some others, then just treat the selection of information more carefully.

8. Try to follow the internal storage algorithm. That is, try to keep in mind the hint of what information and where you usually share. Then you can easily find this information for yourself. After all, almost all crypto social networks have a Search function.

9. To work with the Share button, you can use those time reserves that are not normally used. Including short minutes of waiting for something, breaks, etc. In this case, you will combine pleasant with useful.

10. Remember mobile crypto social networks and versions. Today, with the Share button, you can work anywhere wherever you are. Do not forget about it, it’s money, too.

I hope that my advice will be useful to you and you will draw your conclusions. As always, I will be happy with your comments and feedback.

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