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Every third day is a day of reviews, so today I’m glad to say a few words about the crypto social network Kuende, which is a full-fledged project that meets all the requirements. What do I mean?

Let’s check the presence of the main features of the cryptonetwork. There is an excellent system of rewarding users for activity in Kuende. A variety of activities is here and even site visits are rewarded. By the way, about the site. Recently, we rarely added to the main list of crypto social networks exactly blockchain projects. But Kuende is just a blockchain platform and it’s very encouraging.

Any activity of Kuende users is rewarded with special tokens, which are called Kpoints.

I will not now list all the activities that are rewarded in this project. I will only say that even for the creation of your playlist or the approval of other people’s pictures, you also get points. That is, we are talking about the curatorial system now.

But this is not the last attractive moment of the site. Here you can also get badges, which are opened after you perform certain actions.

Believe me, if you invite your friends here, they will have something to do here, and it will be fun and interesting. By the way, for invitations you get additional Kpoints, so keep this in mind.

I also take the opportunity to invite you to register in Kuende at this link https://kuende.com/r/invitation/borishaifa_k2u4e4n4d8e6 and I recommend that you take a look at the fact-finding tour of the site. It will be useful for you to be included in the active activity more quickly.

I hope that very soon this project will fall into the monthly top of the crypto social networks, which is published at the end of every month on Levelnaut. The most basic you now already know and I do not want to deprive you of the pleasure of personal acquaintance with Kuende.

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