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Some users are excessively addicted to the publication of pictures and photos on social networks, others on the contrary – never publish them. This is a common thing and you should not be surprised, all people are different. But when it comes to the promotion tool, then the Add Photo button – you need to use it correctly.

As you may have guessed, today in our open University of crypto social networks a lesson from the Button course, and the topic is called – Add a picture. Just keep in mind, we will now talk not about the main photo of your profile, but about others.

Unfortunately, we do not always pay due attention to all the buttons of the profile in social networks, so the desired result is more difficult for us to achieve. In order not to talk about this topic for a long time, I will simply list some points that I pay attention to and tell you exactly how I do it.

1. Social networks are almost always focused on adding content, including images. In my work I use two types of photographs and pictures – my own and borrowed from free catalogs (like pixabay and others). In turn, both can be entertaining or promoting.

2. Entertaining pictures and videos I use to create a positive atmosphere in my timeline (chronicle) and attract the attention of users. Promoting pictures, such as in this article, for example, are needed to advertise my website Levelnaut or for other purposes.

3. In order to make promotional photos and pictures you can apply to the usual Paint program and the Text, Crop and Resize functions. Such a picture could be done in a few minutes.

4. If you take an image from free resources, then show at least a minimum of creativity and take, for example, not the entire image, but only a part of it. And of course, enter the address of the site or blog.

5. Create a special folder on your computer, name it like PROMO and save all the illustrations you made there. They will be very useful to you when you create your own groups and communities. You can even create another special folder for this. In the same place, save other tools for creating groups – description texts, rules, greetings, etc. All this will greatly facilitate and automates the process of creating a group, for example, on the topic of crypto social networks.

Naturally, do not forget about the button To create an album, but we’ll talk about it some other time.

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