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What is Gab? Gab is a crypto-social network that was recently added to my main list. I hope you understand what list I’m talking about and it is already very familiar to many readers. If you hear about it for the first time, then I suggest you read it it will be very useful to you.

Despite the fact that this project appeared on the Internet in 2016, it is already quite popular in the world of crypto networks.

If we talk about the essence of, it is rather a mixture of several other well-known projects. Here you can guess some features from Reddit, Twitter and even Steemit.

The founder of this platform Andrew Torba believes that the right to decide which materials to consider as news, and which as an insult, should belong only to users.

Posts in the new social network appear in chronological order. The message length does not exceed 300 characters. By the way, the opportunity of voting “for” or “against” is represented here too.

And now the most important thing. In the crypto social network there is an opportunity to earn tokens. Moreover, if you find the Help button, then immediately open the Make Money section and much you will understand everything.

But the problem is that the opportunity to receive rewards is available only after the upgrade of the account, which costs 5.99$ per month. After you make the upgrade you will have many additional functions in the account – the Premium Settings button and even a table showing the balance of the earned funds.

Frankly speaking, I have not yet made an upgrade, because I want to make my account more popular. I’d like to have there more followers and more content, then there will be a sense in the upgrade. But I will do everything needed, as I try to use all the possibilities and all boosters to get the maximum profit in crypto social networks.

I will be glad with your comments, especially those that will be written by more experienced users of this project.

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