Today we continue our education on the subject called Buttons at our open University of crypto social networks.

The profile button Add to friends is very important for your rapid and successful promotion. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not accurately understand its essence and incorrectly use this tool of our profile.

I will not now turn to philosophy and tell you what friendship is. You yourself know very well what is friendship. But the Add to Friends button in Crypto social does not at all mean that you become a friend of any user in real life. That is, it is quite possible, but not necessary.

There is no point in being too cautious and taking a responsible decision on each candidate. In case of discomfort or suspicion, remember that the project functionality always provides the option Delete from friends or Block user.

On the other hand, the more virtual friends you have, the better for many indicators. Now I will name only a few.

1. The most important thing is that if you have a large number of friends, you will have better promotion in the system of curation. Almost all crypto social networks are guided by this factor and reward users, pay them their coins for the fact that they … approve the activity of other users. This is understandable and it promotes any project as a whole.

2. A large number of friends make your chronicle (the reader’s line) more rich and diverse. In the future you will be able to regulate it and the network itself will help you with this, but at the initial stage you should in any case have a large selection of information. By the way, thanks to this information you can make your chronicle thematic and spend less time searching for what you need. You can make your catalog faster. Here is mine, for example and it is useful not only to me but also to my friends.

3. A large number of friends allows you to keep abreast of all events, news and new projects. And it is this fact that makes your activity in this crypto social network not boring.

4. Due to the fact that in different projects you have different friends is very helpful in developing your partner systems and facilitating the migration of your referrals.

5. Also we should not forget about one more important factor. Virtual friendship can also be embodied in real life. In this case, the virtual period of communication can become a kind of filter and this is also a big plus.

Therefore, we can draw the main conclusion of this lesson, which sounds like this: the more virtual friends you have, the better. The faster and more confidently you will advance in crypto social networks and the better your activity will be rewarded in them.

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