Getpaid at my PR laboratory

Here comes the next day of reviews and today in our focus the project, which is eloquently called Getpaid.

In short, this is a social network where all participants are invited to perform small tasks and earn money with the help of this.

The reward in this project is paid in dollars, so you can not yet call Getpaid a crypto social network in the full sense of the word. But we already know how quickly different projects are being rebuilt today. Therefore, it is possible that Getpaid will soon also switch to its own crypto currency and become a full participant in our full list of social network hype.

By the way, the booster system is already available and you can upgrade the account. Despite the fact that video for some reason is currently unavailable, this possibility is described on the website.

The tasks that all participants can perform here, without exception, are very simple. Basically, they are related to actions in other social networks and although the payment for them is small, starting from $ 0.01 the minimum for withdrawal is $ 25 – it is quite possible.

Unfortunately, there is as yet no possibility of communication between users and learn about who else is participating in the project we can only through Testimonials or through your affiliate program.

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