Two advices to my followers

I intentionally used the word follower in the title, and not the subscriber. A subscriber is someone who reads my articles, and a follower is someone who follows me, who is trying to occupy his niche in the crypto social networking market, who wants to become a whale in not one project but a specialist in crypto social networks generally.

The first and most important advice that I would like to give you is especially relevant now, when the bitcoin rate and the rest of the cryptocurrency went down. My advice sounds like this: stop monitoring the bitcoin rating in general, read more articles about the development of society, about new technologies, about what will be, and not about what is at the moment. After all, this has already happened, so we can say that this is already the past, not the future.

If you follow this strategy, then you will not have emotional problems, your psychological state will always be stable. This is very important for success in our business. And in today’s life, too.

The second advice also sounds very simple, but unfortunately, it is not always exactly followed by. It sounds like this – try to do everything in crypto social networks to do by maximum.

Start with your personal project list. It should be the most suitable for you, there should be reflected as full and accurate picture as possible, if you do not want to miss something. Look at how I work with my list and you will understand everything.

This list I have as a living, it constantly changes. I constantly delete some projects, others I add and this will happen until there are 50 best ones left to date. And so it should always be – this list should be for you the most relevant for every subsequent day. Even if it will be much smaller projects.

But that is not all. Try to make the most of all the possibilities that crypto social networks themselves provide. Strive to ensure that you have added the maximum number of friends, the maximum number of groups of the direction you are interested in – crypto, blockchain, altcoins, etc.

Use the maximum of all boosters, all upgrades, if they imply real benefit or profit. Try not to withdraw money from crypto-social networks, but on the contrary – to invest in them. There are many other ways to earn a cryptocurrency, but from crypto social networks, try not to withdraw money.

Learn the best way the functionality of the best projects, watch carefully all the news, the emergence of new opportunities, new information. And never stop on this path. Remember, if you stopped, then it’s not just a stop. This you start not even to go, but to run back. Such a time is today. And if you want to achieve success, then you need to follow not only my timeline, but also postpate correctly, do everything to the maximum.

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