You all know very well about the presence of the Support button in your account in any crypto social network. But can you use this tool?

As you guessed, dear readers, today we have another lesson in the open University of crypto social networks on the subject of Buttons. The topic of the lesson is Support.

I always have a wonderful relationship with this button, I love it, respect it and constantly use it in my work. Even though the people who stand behind this button can steal your money (my greetings to Contynet and BitBayPay) or vice versa to donate them (my best wishes are @Changelly and CryptoSocial). Thanks to the work with this tool, I can make a quality catalog which you all know well.

I always perfectly imagine people who are on the other side of your computer screen when you click on the Support button. And it does not matter whether there is one person or a whole group of people. I myself was one of such people, and at one time I had several dozen of my projects on the Web.

It is for this reason that today’s lesson will be short, but very important. The main advice that I want to give you and the main conclusion that you should make for yourself sounds like this – always communicate with the support service of any project.

It is not necessary to wait for a negative reason or start a scandal, always try to find out the reason for this or that event. It is possible that the people from Support are not to blame for not having read the FAQ, do not know the basic principles of the Internet projects, or that some kind of failure has occurred on the Web.

On the other hand, believe me, they are always happy to receive a message from you. Especially if this message is positive, constructive and benevolent. Try to understand the important thing – without interactive, no project on the Internet can not exist.

People on the other side of the screen really need your messages, your ideas and your benevolent remarks. Thanks to them they improve the projects, make them more functional, better and more popular.

Remember that from the moment you joined any of the crypto social networks, you became part of her team. You are an active tester and advisor, even if it is not a Beta version. As you all know, there is no limit to perfection.

And the last advice for today. Never leave unsolved questions. Remember – this is a step backwards. This is the case when someone, not you take a step forward, learns important details, learns and succeeds. Therefore, actively use the Support button in your work, and I will be happy with your comments on this topic.

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