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Crypto social network Monoreto first of all will be interesting to those who are actively using mobile phones. Just like Sola and some other similar services, monoreto.io focuses specifically on this category of users.

In the main list of crypto social networks, this site was added recently from the list of potential projects https://levelnaut.com/2018/03/03/list-of-potential-crypto-networks/ which expands and grows in size almost every day.

By the way, I have a kind request to all readers – to help with the selection of sites to the main list. And if the project has at least two key indicators (the system of reward, the system of busterization, the system of curatorship, own coin, the possibility to add friends and communicate with them), then this is the reason to move the project to the main list.

As for monoreto.io, the mobile Beta version of the project already has all these indicators and users can now earn MNR coins for their activity.

Of course, there are still many questions to this social network. For example, will Monoreto have its own version of the partner program and what booster systems will be offered here. But it is already clear today that the direction of development of the project is right one.

Judging by Roadmap, this social network is now implementing the point – Start of the fund raising to bring the product to the world market. In this case, I recommend that all readers – to join Monoreto right now, until the main wave of participants hasn’t reached it.

Download the mobile version of the site on your mobile phone and on the computer and you can start your activity. It is possible that the price of MNR will increase in near future.

As always, I will be happy with your comments and especially your positive reaction to the request to help with a list of potential crypto social networks.

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