Crytpo networks. Predictions

I’m not a fortune teller, of course, but today I would like to make some interesting predictions about crypto social networks. Moreover, all my previous predictions were fulfilled completely.

As you already know, Facebook is planning to issue its own crypto currency and this is what I predicted a couple of years ago. But the key difference, and I also talked about this, is that Mark Zuckerberg would rather get himself shot in the forehead than begin to stimulate the activity of users and pay them.

I had also said a long time ago (I do not even remember when) that all traditional networks either cease to exist or create their own crypto currency and start acting according to the laws of crypto currency networks. As a result, today we see how tokens appear in Instagram, Plurk and many other traditional social networks.

I have already written in my articles that in the near future we are waiting for a huge wave of new users in crypto social projects. But today I want to clarify that there will be two waves. The first wave will come to mobile crypto social networks. The main participants of this stream will be teenagers and young people who use mobile applications. Therefore projects such as Solo, Monoreto, Enlte, Nimses and others will lead this direction. But dozens of others will be added to them. In the list of potential crypto social networks, which I published on the eve of a lot of them, and in the directory there are even more of them.

But the biggest influx will come to those crypto social networks in which the reward system will be well established, as it is done in Steemit, Empowr, Minds and in other projects. Because for people from the category 50+ there are two magic words – communication and benefit. Taking into account the fact that the life expectancy increases, this category will also increase many times. And all these people will come to projects that provide an opportunity to communicate and pay for it. But it’s certainly not Facebook, no matter what coin or crypto currency Mark is creating.

Exactly for this reason that I recommend that all active users of crypto social networks prepare for this event, tell people more about the projects with which they work, create groups for this. But we’ll talk about this at the next lesson in our open Univresent of crypto social networks.

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