Buttons. To create a group

In the last article, I said that I’ll tell you about how to use the Create group button correctly. Today we have another lesson on the topic Buttons and this means that I invite readers to an open University of crypto social networks.

Before answering the question of how to create a group, I will tell you why to do that. This should be done for many reasons – if you do not have your own website, if you want to train your followers and referrals, if you want other users to learn more about crypto social networks, etc.

If at least one of the reasons suits you, then you can start creating a group. Just understand that the Create group button is not provided in every site functionality. But if you have a module in the profile menu, then most likely there will be the option Create group.

As I had said before, in this case you should have blanks and drafts – texts and pictures. The texts are needed to describe the group and for the greeting post. Pictures are useful for the logo and for the cover of the group.

The groups I have created could be found on the site levelnaut.com – on the banner at the bottom right of the website.

But it is better to follow the full and potential lists of crypto social networks, which can be found in the directory https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/20/catalog-of-useful-articles/ and then you will not forget anything and do not miss it.

I will say a few more words about my groups. It is possible that you do not want to create your own groups, but decide to use mine. Then I have good news for you – in my groups any user can be a moderator, if such an option is provided. To do this, just tell me about your desire in a personal message. In addition, I have no restrictions on the publication of links, if they relate to the topic of crypto social networks. So you can publish your referral links in them without any problems. They will not be deleted.

If you do everything correctly, a tool such as a group will greatly help you succeed in social networks and earn in them much more of the crypto currency.

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