BountyHive has long been in the field of my observation. This crypto social network is very similar to BountyHunter and there is also no possibility of communication between users. But I think that someday such an opportunity will appear, since this element is very conducive to promoting and increasing the total number of users.

Also, I have not noticed any system of boosting in this project, at least nowhere is it said about the possibility of an upgrade, nor about an improved account, etc.

In all other respects, BountyHive is a very promising project, if one can even talk about the future of ICO in the form in which this phenomenon exists today.

When you sign up for the project, you will immediately have at your disposal a virtual office where your participation in ICO campaigns will be regulated.

By the way, there are a lot of offers on the site and I would recommend first of all to draw your attention to the ICO of crypto social networks, with which later you will surely start working.

For example, now you can find ICO Karma here. This site has long been under my supervision and it can even be found in the list of potential projects at There are ICO and other projects of interest to us, so working with them can be beneficial doubly.

If you already registered on the above link, you can start inviting friends, members of your groups and readers of your blogs. As for every new member you invite, you get here 0.0075 ETH and this is also a very advantageous offer.

If you do not understand something, then find the button “How It Works” in the main menu of the BountyHive site and find answers to all your questions there. Also you can leave your comments after this article.

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