Yesterday I was asked a very interesting question. This is what you now see in the title of this article. I believe that this issue is important and serious, so it is necessary to pay attention to it.

So, my answer to the question of where to advertise crypto social networks sounds simple and short: “Nowhere”. It makes no sense to pay for spreading the information, that you like, know and which you understand perfectly. Especially there is no sense in sending spam to people, among whom there are your close friends and relatives.

How then to earn? Why do we need affiliate programs, referral links, subscribers, followers and everything else?

In fact, it does not matter where you tell about anything. The important thing is how you do it. Today’s internet user is not the one that was ten or twenty years ago. Ask yourself – how often do you open advertising articles or messages? And you will get the exact answer to the question that you see in the title of the article.

If you already have a thematic blog, page or group on the social network, then it’s best to give maximum attention to it. Try to publish there really interesting information. Describe most interesting cases, share your own observations, comment on topical news.

If you do all this regularly, if you have an interactive with your readers, then you do not need any advertising. You will always and everywhere be found, even if your blog has the most uncomfortable and worst-remembered address on the Internet. Even if your blog is on a free platform. Even if you have only one reader to start with – your close friend, relative or just a person who believes you.

In this case, forget about advertising, stop working on promoting other people’s advertising services, do not throw money into garbage, just do your favorite thing and share information about how you do it. Make there a directory (in fact a regular article) of the type of my and in the event that someone asks for more information – give him this link.

Do not overload the user and do not impose anything on him. Remember that if he is interested in something, he will find you. That’s all. That’s all the advertising. At least, I have this answer for you today.

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