Frequently Asking Questions or FAQ are terms that are familiar to all internet users. Sometimes they are replaced with the Help button. But at today’s lesson in our open University of crypto social networks, we’ll talk about what needs to be checked first.

Let me remind you that this training course is called Buttons. In this course we discuss modules, elements and functional of each crypto social network. Especially we are interested in the items that can be found in the profile (account) of each user.

The FAQ button is not only in the user’s profile, but it is usually either in the main menu of the website, or it can be found in the bottom menu of any of its pages. But sometimes it is located among the other profile buttons.

After registering at any crypto social network, you need to get answers to the following questions:

1. What user activity is required in this project?
2. How is this activity rewarded?
3. Is there a system of curatorship (that is, whether your activity is rewarded in relation to other users – likes, upvotes, reposts, etc.)?
4. Is there a possibility of boosting (improving the account, possibility of upgrading, obtaining a premium account) and what are the conditions for that?
5. Is there an affiliate (referral) program in the project?
6. How does the functionality of adding users to and interacting with friends?
7. Is it possible to create groups?
8. Does the project have its own crypto currency, its coins or tokens?
9. How does the withdrawal of the funds earned in the project occur?
10. How to replenish the account balance, if necessary?

These are only the most important points, which should be paid attention at the very beginning. Of course, the lack of any elements or information about them – this is not an excuse to abandon this project.

The lack of information is just the reason why you can contact admin support via the Support button, which we talked about in the last lesson. By the way, I definitely recommend doing this. Be sure to find out all the incomprehensible moments and at the same time check the feedback. The Silence of the Support Service is a serious reason to be on the alert and look for additional information.

As you know, in the list of potential crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website not all projects already have the FAQ button. But you can find there the Roadmap button there and find out when and what will appear on this website.

These are just the main points that need to be considered, but you can always tell in the comments about others or share your own experiences.

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