Scrypto at my PR laboratory

The project that we will talk about today is called Scrypto and it’s a bit surprising that this review was not done before. This is surprising because in the full list of crypto social networks this site has been presented for a long time, almost from the beginning.

Moreover, almost all elements of the classic crypto social network in Scrypto are available. There is cryptocurrency and even a few coins. Transactions with these coins are made, everything is all right.

All elements of the traditional social network are also there. I mean the possibility of adding and inviting friends, the possibility of personal communication and even the possibility of creating groups.

The project does not have its own affiliate program, but it’s not surprising – Steemit, Yours, Golos and some other crypto social networks also haven’t added this element to the functional.

At the moment there is no system for boosting (improving the account), but the developers have very big plans and most likely this element will appear. This is understandable, because boosterization, in the first place, is beneficial to the developers and creators of the project.

There is no system of curatorship and user activity is not rewarded – these are the main disadvantages of the project, in my opinion. That’s why Scrypto is not developing so much as actively as Empowr or Minds for example.

Although it should be noted that there is some kind of rewarding system here. More precisely, here are almost the same rules as in Yours. Any user can thank you by one of the available coins in the project. For example, I received such awards for posts in DigitalPrice and Trollcoin. But as you understand, this is a very unpromising approach.

As I said above, the developers of the project have very big plans and the direction of masternodes here, for example, is being developed quite actively. But the project has not yet received a large, powerful development at this stage. By the way, it is quite possible that the developers did not set themselves such a task.

It is very interesting how the project will be developed further and what next steps will be taken by its creators. We will observe this and draw our conclusions.

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