This is a new project, so it involves a new course in our open University of crypto social networks. Many of you already know and even actively study the existing courses – Crypto Networks, Buttons and My PR Laboratory.

Today, a new one is added to these three courses, which I call CryptoIdea. This will be our contribution to the overall development of crypto social networks, and hence to the overall development of the crypto community.

A few months ago I had already told about it and even offered two of my new projects. A little lower I will describe them briefly and add a third one too. Everything that will be published in this course will have open source, that is, anyone can use these ideas for implementation.

And now, as an announcement, I will give a brief description of the three ideas, and then in the course of the teaching the course we will add new ideas and consider these in more detail.

First idea. Anyway, each of us has to go through different levels in our life. And, no matter what. Someone is learning, some are losing weight, some are in prison, etc. Everyone can help everyone to pass through any of the levels with clever advice and get for it tokens, coins, etc. The user himself decides whose advice deserves a reward (and its size).

Second idea. Sharing crypto social network. In it you can share not only likes, comments, upvotes, reposts, etc., but also unnecessary or simply things, for example, an old chest of drawers or an unnecessary yacht. And you can sell it, and share the coins between users.

Third idea. Crypto currency network for those who publish ads. In this project it will be possible to promote your ads on a common board and earn tokens by promotion of other users’ ads.

That’s all, if we talk very shortly. On the other hand, in this post I just wanted to introduce you to the contents of the next training course. And to study or not is your right and your choice. To take part in the project or not is also your right. But in any case, I will be happy with your comments.

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