Two good news

Many jokes begin with the fact that one who tells you has two news – one good, the other bad. Fortunately, we have another start to fasting today and I will start it by telling you about two good news at once.

The first news. As you already know, a large number of articles on different learning topics are published on the Levelnaut website. Many of them already today can be found in the directory which you actively use. But the good news is that all these articles and posts eventually evolved into a virtual Open University of crypto social networks.

In the very near future on our site will be fully published training courses on the subjects of the Crypto, Reviews, Buttons and CryptoIdea. Therefore, anyone can study at this University independently and absolutely without any payment.

The second news. The site has several times been published quality infographics on the topic of crypto, bitcoin and blocchain.

I managed to reconcile with (Karthik Reddy) and in the very near future will be published, at least, 6 more large works on the topic of crypto currency. I do not want to reveal all the secrets and talk about all the infographic topics, but trust me, they will all be very interesting and useful.

Moreover, all the infographics published on the Levelnaut website will also be included in the curriculum and materials of the Open University of Crypto Social Networks.

And now, let’s sum up. If you will closely follow the publications, then do not miss the link in which there will be absolutely all the training information on the topic Crypto social networks.

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