Enlte at my PR laboratory

In these minutes, is finishing ICO of a new crypto social network, called Enlte. Nevertheless, this project can already be transferred from the potential to the main list of networks. Usually, I do this only in exceptional cases – when the project launches the system of rewarding users’ activity before the ending of the ICO. This is just such a case.

Thus, in the main list https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ there are already more than 50 projects. But this is even good sign, because my goal is to select only the best, those who will eventually remain exactly fifty.

What about Enlte? This is another mobile crypto social network, so you can say that it will be a good company to Sola, Monoreto and others like that. This project has its own crypto currency and its current rate, on the eve of the end of ICO is 1 Enlte = $ 0.064 and for the beginning it is quite real and normal price.

If you look at the videos that are on the main website, read Roadmap and Whitelist, then it becomes obvious that Enlte has big plans for the future. This, of course, is a promising fact, but we will see how the process of fixing of the network in the profile market will take place, and then we will draw our conclusions.

At the moment, the main activity, as I said, is carried out in the mobile version. There is already an almost ready-made version with an opportunity to add friends, evaluate user publications and, that is most importantly, a reward system.

By the way, you can see the amount you earned coins even in the PC version of the network. Unfortunately, there is nothing more you can find in your profile on the website. But I hope that the creators and developers of the project will also launch the computer version, as well as add boosters or upgrades to the account. There is no referral system here either, but it is likely that it will also appear.

In short, it’s all for now. But I hope that there will be comments, questions and feedback and this will complete our information base.

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