Self-education and success

Education is, in my opinion, the main brake on human progress. I say this not as an outsider, but as an expert, who works inside the system, as a teacher.

In the form in which education exists today, it is no good. Today, this is the most common scam that is in the hands of a swindler. Under the swindler, I understand the state, as you probably guessed.

We all perfectly understand that 5 years of studying at the university is a complete absurdity. Today, by the time the study at University is over, life on the planet is almost half changing. And the only thing that does not change for decades is the programs of educational institutions. I’m already silent about the system of school education, which has not changed for centuries. School today is the place, where parents can live their kids, while they have to sell their lives for a penny.

When I talk about state specialists, I always remind with smile on my face my dietitian doctor, who instead of giving me advice on losing weight, every visit I made, recorded every word I said. By the way, I lost weight by myself on 45 kilograms, with the help of information received on the Internet.

However, let’s not talk about sad things. Let’s talk about something more pleasant and useful. Now I mean self-education. In my opinion, it is health and self-education that are two spheres in which it is reasonable to make individual investments. Money will soon lose its meaning when speculators from banks announce that they are switching to crypto currency.

I think that self-education is exactly the tool that is now needed to achieve success for every sane person, regardless of when he threw his TV in the trash – yesterday or ten years ago.

As you already know, I specialize in crypto social networks. It seems to me that they are a good tool for diversification. I’m not going to tell you why now, it’s a long story.

Today I just want to share useful information with those who are interested in self-education in this direction. For you, I have good news, dear readers. I finally collected all the information on crypto social networks in one place and made it in the form of training courses. If you click on the link then you will go directly to our Open University of crypto social networks. There, by the way, there is a Russian version of the project, if it is interesting to someone.

This is my gift to all those who are interested in this topic, who believe in crypto, who understand the logic of the development of society and believe in the progress of mankind.

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