Crypto networks. Mobile or PC?

Recently, more and more crypto social networks are divided into Mobile and PC. Some of them have both versions, but as a rule, they specialize all the same on one.

The leaders in each direction have already been determined. And if we are talking about projects that are primarily focused on the PC, then we can immediately name the best ones, such as Steemit, Empowr, Minds, Earn, Viuly, etc.

At the same time, some leaders have appeared among mobile projects and today we can mention in this connection Sola, Monoreto, Enlte, Friendz, Lit and some others.

Users who specialize in working with crypto social networks begin to split personality and they sometimes do not understand how to organize their work the best way.

I think the answer to this question is obvious and it is on the surface – you can work with both the first and the second.

Anyway, sometimes we have to spend some time on the road, waiting for something outside the home, during breaks at work, etc. This time is perfect for working with mobile projects.

When you are at home and working with a computer, first of all, take care of the best PC projects and promotion in them.

Now that you have the educating materials of the open University of Crypto social networks it is much easier for you to organize your educational and practical activities.

And when in our main list there are only 50 really best projects of the world, then you will be able even better navigate in your time management.

By the way, tomorrow in the next review, I will introduce you to one more Mobile project, which you will like.

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