Friendz at my PR laboratory

Yesterday, I promised to introduce to you another mobile crypto social network, so I did not have many options for selecting the topic of today’s article.

Also I want to remind you that my goal for the current moment, after the opening of the University of Crypto currency networks has changed. Now this is the creation of a quality list of 50 best projects, the work in which will bring a stable income.

So far, there are more sites in the main list than needed, but after summarizing the month and determining 10 TOP, it will be changed. Some participants will leave the list, since now it has more than fifty.

And now I want to tell you something about Friendz. In this project I had taken part in the ICO period, because I realized that the team of this network is determined and will do everything to gain a foothold in the market. My assumptions have been confirmed and today Friendz has 247 thousand users and offices in three countries of Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, including brand awareness campaigns and advertising campaigns, content sharing and marketing research.

The Friendz community participates in activities available on the mobile platform, supports brands in the creation process, etc.

The user activity here is rewarded with the FDZ coin, which is already traded on exchanges, and at a very profitable, satisfied low price 0.000035 ETH

When you download the application to your mobile (otherwise you will not be able to work here) then when registering in the project you can enter the invitation code boris327900 and get 10 tokens for free. In other case you will not get these tokens.

In the future, you will be able to take part in very simple promotions, which are held in the project and earn points and tokens.

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