Why choose the best?

Yesterday I was asked a question that you see in the title of this post. At first I wanted to reply that it is obvious that we all and always try to choose the best. But then I realized that it was not so and decided not to get carried away by philosophy, but to do more real things.

The question was asked about crypto social networks. Therefore, I will answer this way – I need really only the top 50 crypto social networks to implement the whole plan, which can also be called, as my site is called – Levelnaut.

By and large, this project can change the life of any person, regardless of his age, place of residence or profession. But this is only part of the plan. The whole plan and its implementation, you will learn gradually.

Today I want to tell only about the next stage, about the next level. The first stage was to create a certain knowledge base. We have done an excellent job with this task and now we have our own open University of crypto social networks, the banner of which you can easily find on the Levelnaut website.

The second stage is the selection of the top 50 crypto social networks. This is necessary for us to be able to earn a stable currency and use it in our lives. We are already very close to that. To create a very high-quality list consisting of exactly 50 projects. There is another answer to the question – why exactly crypto social networks. But you will find out about it later. This is also part of a big plan.

The third stage, and I am now on it – is the creation of a list of the 50 most current projects on the Web, with the help of which it would be possible to obtain crypto currency for boosting.

I had already written that all accounts in crypto social networks need to be improved, to be upgraded, as much as possible to get the best promotion and influence. But this requires funds. It is not always possible to quickly find them within the network itself. Therefore, we need assistance from other projects.

I already have a list from which we can start https://levelnaut.com/2017/11/09/cryptocurrency-best-projects/ and it can also be found among the site’s banners. But as you can see, this list is very short. With your help, I hope to improve it and increase it. And then our positions in crypto networks will be significantly strengthened.

When this happens, we will be able to move on to the next stages, that are: diversification with fiat for the period of transition in society, proper investments for the future, and improving of our style and way of life at present.

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