CryptoIdea. Who is a levelnaut?

The second lesson from the CryptoIdea course will be dedicated to my most important project to date. Do you know what it is all about? Yes, that’s right, now I’m talking about the Levelnaut project. This project is my main crypto idea for today. This is the name of my blog, posts from which you are all reading.

Who is a levelnaut? The main meaning of the idea and the project has not changed yet and now I will once again give a definition to this concept.

Levelnaut is a modern person who improves his life going through different levels. He constantly makes investments in the form of time and money in improving the main five areas – health, self-education, finance, recreation and help to other people.

In the course of CryptoIdea I will talk not only about my new ideas and projects, but also about how I myself, personally, advance in the project Levelnaut. This is very interesting and useful for many readers. I’m sure of it.

Also, you can find a lot of useful information on this topic in the materials of our open University of crypto social networks, which in fact is one of the tools of the Lechenavt project.

And now I will answer the question that I am asked most often. It sounds like this: Will there be a coin in the project?

To date, the answer sounds like this – Maybe. As one of the developers on Steemit once had told me – before you type and start the project, you need to take the driver’s seat yourself.

But I’m not ready for this yet. The fact is that I do not yet see clearly all the details and nuances of this project. Therefore, I can not answer in the affirmative about the crypto currency, coin, ICO and other points. But I do not abandon this idea completely, I say – Maybe.

It is possible that during the discussion of this project, in the course of communicating with you, dear readers, the understanding will come and the puzzle will develop completely. That’s why I’m so interested in your comments to all my posts.

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