Qurito at my PR laboratory

As I said, one of my main goals in the Levelnaut project is to create a quality list of 50 crypto social networks. I plan to use this list to achieve a different goal. But I’ll tell you about this some other time.

If you check it right now https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/, then you will notice that even in comparison with yesterday there were changes – some projects I removed, but added some. This happens very often and some time will still happen until the list is stable.

Today, here I will add one more project, one more crypto social network, which makes it possible to earn a Qurito coin by answering questions or by taking part in a poll.

You can also ask questions or create your own poll and get Qurito for this too. In Beta mode, there is already a flow of these questions in the project and you can just watch and choose those that you like.

In addition, Qurito is an ordinary social network where you can find followers like Steemit for example, or become a follower of other users.

At the moment I have not found the referral program and the booster system in the project, but it is possible that they will appear in the future. But in the Analytics section you can get all the statistics about your participation in the project.

Pay also your attention to your wallet. There you will notice that in this crypto social network there is also a QURO token. It is he who is the main external coin and 1 QURO (Q) is equal to 100 Qurito (q).

I hope that you will like this crypto social network and you will also start working with this project. However, I will learn about this from your further comments.

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