Akasha at my PR laboratory

Did you want more crypto social networks created on the platform of the blockchain? Today you will receive another such project, called Akasha.

Despite the fact that while it works only in the Beta version, many elements of the functional are already in cation and you can start using them.

Only before you publish anything on this social network, you need to perform an operation called Manafy.

In other words, you need to give fuel for your publications. This is about the same as giving gas for a transaction in the etherium.

If you can not do this the first time, then do not worry, the Akasha website has all the necessary instructions with pictures and gradually you will learn to do everything.

Just keep in mind that to start working with Akasha you need to have Matamask on your computer, which you need to switch to the Rinkeby network.

At first you will find it much too complicated, but when you start working, for example with Steemit, you also do not immediately understand everything.

Today I will add Akasha to the full list of crypto social networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ and gradually we will be able to study all the principles of work here.

If someone has already become acquainted with this site, I will be happy to read your comments and hear your recommendations.

At the end of this brief review, I want to say that this is far from being a sequel to the project on the blockbuster platform, which will be added to the full list.

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