Contynet. Second Attempt

As I had promised, dear readers, today I will make a second attempt to get an upgrade in the crypto social network Contynet. Let me remind you that my first attempt failed and I lost 0.008 BTC

I will say a few words about how did it happen. To upgrade and get a booster on the site of Contynet it was necessary to pay 0.01 BTC, but I transferred only 0.008, since I already had 0.002 BTC on my balance sheet for the previously written advertising post.

However, my transaction system is not accepted. Although the transaction is visible on the site itself, the money for the balance didn’t came. I confess, at first I thought that some fraud was taking place, but then I analyzed the situation, remembered other cases and realized that such a situation could well be. If you send a lower amount than indicated in the conditions, then the system simply does not see this amount and therefore does not count.

In other words, nobody appropriated the money, it just hung up.

Therefore, today I will try to use another opportunity for an upgrade in the social network Contynet and I’ll do it with the Bonus button.

According to the conditions described in this site, you can collect the necessary amount for the upgrade if you participate in the promotion, that is, write articles and advertise the project in other mass media.

I want to note that I’m not starting from scratch and I already have 0.004160 BTC on my balance sheet, which I earned in this way. It turns out that I need to earn another 0.006 BTC.

If you click on the Bonus button in your back office, you will see the following

Article about ContyNet on your blog – 0,002

Video testimony on the site from 0.0003 to 0.001

Text testimony about the platform – 0.0001

Share the site in social networks – 0.00003

PS. Unfortunately, nothing of this attempt was successful. Still, the owners and developers of the Contynet project behave like cowardly rats. This is my private opinion and I do not impose it on anyone, but sharing it is my right. And I’m not one of the readers to invest a single cent to this project.

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