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On the one hand, I’m still not sure that the Levelnaut project needs its own coin. In recent years, these coins have appeared so much that the idea itself begins to lose its original meaning.

On the other hand, I am a teacher by my education, therefore the open University of Crypto social networks – this is the part of the project that interests me the most.

As you already know, I am an active critic of the current education system. I am absolutely sure that it lags far behind the development of technology and society as a whole. In this regard, self-education is very significant, and most importantly, a very mobile direction.

It becomes obvious that subjects that already exist in our open University of crypto social networks are very useful for readers and students of this virtual educational institution. They help to choose the right direction in life, to properly manage their time, to earn and invest cryptocurrency correctly.

At the same time, the training program clearly lacks two courses, and today this gap will be filled. The first idea was suggested to me by one of our active readers and students. She wrote that in the curriculum there is no good guide for beginners. Therefore, one of the training courses will be called Start and all materials will be published with this marker.

A second course, will be called Rest and he will have just such a marker. In the very near future, you will learn about this. We at the University have almost no teachers. I consider myself the organizer of the process rather than the tedious, backward teacher. Therefore, we are all students here. And students, regardless of age, should rest well, be filled with energy and positive, meet regularly offline and actively spend time together.

About how exactly this will happen you will learn from the course Rest. To summarize, I just want to say once again that in the curriculum of the open university of crypto social networks, there will be two new courses – Start and Rest.

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