Today you will learn about the final course of the open University of crypto social networks, called Rest. This is absolutely normal and before you have to rest — you need to do something. Otherwise, you will not get the desired effect and everything will be meaningless.

But you can relax in different ways. In our University, on the Levelnaut website, you can rest using the 5WIN strategy, which will be described in the introductory article, just before the very first course of the University, which will be called Start. All this you will learn in the very near future, but for now I want to say a few words about the course called Rest.

If you do not like reading and analyzing useful information, then you can simply click on the travel banner on the website, where all the materials and all training courses are located. Or you can go to and watch any video. If everything that you see will interest you, you can immediately register using my ID 71615070 or ask me any question about this personally, at

In this training course you will receive, for example, the answers to the following questions:

1. How to save money for a good, quality vacation?
2. How to choose the trip of your dreams at the lowest prices?
3. How can I go to any trip or to any meet-up about cryptocurrency, for example, and at the same time have a good rest?
4. How can I earn a stable income even when the bitcoin rate falls?
5. How to diversify finances during the transition period, that is, when the cryptocurrency has not completely replaced fiat?
6. How can you easily earn even while on holiday or during a business trip?
7. How to receive additional income in the form of a cryptocurrency even when you do nothing by yourself?

Of course, this is far from a complete list of answers that you can get during the course on the Rest course. But now you already know approximately what the speech is about and you can determine for yourself how much all this is interesting for you.

Next choice is yours, what and when to teach, what to do and of course, how to rest.

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