Before you start win5

Before you start learning and acting on the win5 system, which we discussed earlier, you need to decide – at what level you are at the moment. The system is good in that you can start from anywhere.

In order to better understand your current level, take a look at all the programs that exist at the open University of Crypto Social Networks at the moment, read the article Introduction.

After you understand at what level you are now, start acting.

If you are an absolute beginner, then start at the Start level. That is, create your own bitcoin purse for a personal computer, as well as its online and mobile version. Think carefully about your time management and determine for personal goals. Try to use the maximum amount of time to achieve the goal, optimize your working day, fill in all the pauses. In this project there are many options, even for recreation, which in fact will push you forward. Read the meta-sections of the Start section and act.

If you have already started, then check whether you are registered in the Best level projects or not. Participation in these projects will help you to create initial capital for more efficient work at the level of Networking, for making the right upgrades and choose the options for boosters.

If you are already at Networking level, then check your participation in crypto social networks from our full list, which includes about 50 projects. Register in all social networks. Firstly, not all of them require the most active participation. Secondly, in many you can duplicate your actions and get much more than one.

If you are already registered in all projects from the full list of crypto networks, then start the promotion. Create wherever your groups can be. How to do it correctly, you can learn from the materials of the University. Gather in one place all your referral links, start creating your own promotional materials – articles, photos, videos, short posts, instructions, etc. and run them across all their networks, across all their groups. Begin to form your team and organize work with it. You can even create a university like this – but with your promotional materials.

Also you can become the author of the site and start your promotion here. Click on the banner on the main page – How to become an author and find out the terms.

If you want, you can go even further and become a citizen of the first blockchain in the world of the Decenturion state (information on the website)

That is all meanwhile. Now you need to determine the current level and start acting. And I can only wish you good luck, interesting studies and excellent results on the win5 strategy.

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