As you already know, dear readers, I always try to find the most interesting and useful projects for the open University of crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website.

But today we do not have an ordinary review. This article will be part of the Rest course. This course is the latest in the list of subjects, but not the last in terms of importance. We have already said many times about the need to invest in ourselves — in our knowledge, in health and in rest. And now we will continue this topic. Now I will simply list the reasons for which I singled out this project, joined him with my whole family, and now I recommend to you.

1. DreamTrips, in my opinion — it’s just the biggest travel agency, which was awarded more than 30 Oscars in the field of tourism. That is why there are the lowest prices for travel. Here you can afford to book in advance and plan a vacation for large groups of travelers, so here are such low prices.

2. Everything that we invest in this project, one way or another turns into points, that is, into local tokens, which in one way or another will be spent on our travels. Of course, not at once, but for many different trips.

3. Meanwhile there is no own crypto currency in DreamTrips, but it is possible to withdraw everything that you will earn here in bitcoins, directly to your wallet. But you can also earn dollars, which is very convenient for us, at least until fiat exists.

4. As I said, you can earn in the project. To do this, you just need to buy a franchise for a little money (a little more than $ 100) and become one of the employees of this large club of travelers.

5. One way or another, we all have to travel a lot on business trips. If you want to keep abreast of how the crypto currency develops in the world, what are the most profitable opportunities already exist or are just being planned, then you need to receive information first-hand. To do this, you need to go to meet-ups, presentations, meetings with developers. I’m not talking about meetings of participants in crypto social networks for a joint holiday. All this can be done much cheaper, but better.

6. You can, of course, use the services for individual rental of housing in different countries and save on it. But it is rather difficult, because we do not know the local realities, the people who provide us housing, nor many other details. In addition, if we work seriously, then we should have a good rest, and not always think about how to organize this holiday.

This list can go on and on. But these arguments are already enough to buy a club card for 250$ (gold) or 400$ (platinum). I have bought Platinum, naturally, as it gives more possibilities. To do this is very easy — on the Levelnaut website there are several banners in different languages, or you can first watch the video, and then register on the link If you want to be with me in the same team, use ID 71615070 at registration form. As you can see, everything is simple and clear.

And when you join the project, you can start choosing the first trip and plan your first trips. And also start earning Fiat and crypto currency in DreamTrips.