Yesterday one of my friends in the virtual world asked me how I was going to work with the DreamTrips project. I fully understand that this question will arise not only from him alone. Therefore, I answer all those who are interested in this special article.

First of all, I’m not going to work. You should agree, even an article called Rest. How to work? — looks very stupid. However, I’m going to act and now I will sincerely tell you how. I believe that sincerity in such matters is far from the last thing.

But I would like to start with a short story. I am absolutely adequate to the MLM industry and do not see anything shameful in taking part in network activities. Much worse, if people working for the state or eating at McDonald’s do not realize that they somehow take part in network marketing.

If we talk about my serious involvement in such projects, then we can only mention two cases. In both situations, I had joined the activities of companies only when this completely coincided with my personal interests during a certain period of my life. There are no secrets.

In the first case, it was Intway, with the help of which in 2006 I tried to learn how to build my own websites. I had a great team, with many participants of which I still maintain excellent friendly relations. By the way, after the company was killed in a barbaric way, I, with my partner in another business, built more than 150 websites, with which a team of over one hundred copywriters worked.

In the second case, I helped my wife with the company Herbalife, to which she joined in order to … help me. The fact is that because of a wrong way of life by 2011 I gained excess weight and reached 150 kilograms, earning diabetes and other unpleasant side effects. Then my wife and I coped with the task perfectly, I lost weight by 50 kilograms, I learned to eat right, I got rid of all diseases and regained my way of life under full control.

That’s all. In other MLM projects, I did not participate. At least I did not join them with serious intentions, that is why don’t remember any. I am deeply convinced that it is impossible to become rich and happy with only MLM projects. To do this, you need to change your attitude to money. In my opinion, it is possible to achieve serious success only when money becomes an instrument for achieving the goal, not the goal itself.

Therefore, in MLM projects, I take part only when they completely coincide with my goals at this particular section of my life. Now that is the case. I do not really care what kind of feedbacks there are about the project on the Web. There are always people who are enthusiastic about the project or those who are not happy with it. It is quite enough for me that DreamTrips has been operating in the profile market for 12 years and has over 30 Oscars from the sphere of tourism business. Therefore, I’m only interested in the rules of the game.

As for how I build a team, it’s even easier with this. I have quite a lot of contacts in ordinary social networks and in crypto social projects, which I tell about at our open University of crypto networks and many of you know about it.

Therefore, the algorithm of my actions is very simple. I inform all my friends in the virtual and real world that I take part in a project that coincides with my vital interests — helps to organize vacations at the best prices, gives an opportunity to meet regularly with partners and close people abroad, and at the same time gives the opportunity to receive a passive income.

All the answers of my friends, one way or another, are divided into two categories — I’m interested or I’m not interested. And this is quite enough and absolutely normal. No one needs to be forced, no one should be persuaded. If people ignore your personal question, then this is an excellent excuse to get rid this person from your friendship. And do not to bore him with information about your life and about your actions. It’s simple, is not it? This is the algorithm of actions.

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