Yesterday, after the post about the algorithm of actions was published, some of you, dear readers, had still some questions. And some of you asked to give you a specific manual — something from the «how to» series. At first I did not even understand what was being said, but today I’ll try to tell you more about everything.

So, you have already earned about 500$ with the help of information from the open University of Crypto Social Networks. For example, you already have 200 dollars earned on airdrops, 100 on faucets and 200 in crypto networks. Naturally, the whole amount can be in different coins, but you have to transfer everything into dollars. Even if you have this money from another source (I’ll write about it in the next posts), you need to withdraw everything out and exchange into dollars.

After that you can go to the nearest post office and order there in your name a payment card (not a debit!) VISA or MasterCard. Put on this card 500 dollars (or at most 350) and this will be enough to buy a platinum (or gold) card to participate in the DreamTrips project.

This amount includes not only participation in the funded program for your future trips, but also a franchise for business and receiving passive income. I recommend buying the Platinum card as it gives more opportunities.

After the card is in your hands, look again at the video on this page to make sure that it really suits you and register to participate in the project. You can enter my ID 71615070 in the Sponsor Number field and then we will be on the same team. I am calmly referring to the role of sponsor, especially since all the materials that I place in an open University of crypto networks really help you to earn this money. And then, when we meet with you on our trips and travels, I will be pleased to meet you personally.

All information on how to move forward in this project you will find in the course Rest in the open University of crypto networks.

After you do all this, you will worry less about the drops of bitcoin. Some part of your investment will work in a different direction. On the other hand, such investments are very important, because you do not do them into stone, wood or iron, but in your personal development, in training and rest.

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