Alphabit at my PR laboratory

If you have noticed, our full list of crypto social networks is getting better and better. Almost every day there are added the most suitable projects, and the least similar to crypto social networks – are deleted. And today there will be one more change. Exactly at these moments, I am adding there a project called Alphabit.

I do not knowwhat impression you got after visiting this website, but he reminded me very early Steemit. Although there is one significant difference. The fact is that Steemit began to pay users for the content not immediately, but only after a while.

Alphabit adds to your balance its LPH coins immediately after you publish the first post. To be honest, I have not yet made a withdrawal of the earned money and I do not plan to do it in the near future, but I hope the full sum will be in my purse of the etherium without any problems, the number of the purse you should specify at registration.

As I said, in Alphabit there are a lot of moments reminiscent of the early Steemit. And I’m even interested in how you will compare these two projects. But in any case, it’s very nice that the projects built on the blockchain appear more often nowadays.

Unlike Steemit, in Alphabit there is a referral program, although I hardly found. But the creators of the project say that there is even such an option – adding a referral link to each of your posts. I do not know whether it is really so, but just in case in this post I added the referral link, at the same time we will check whether it works or not.

The systems of boosterization and supervision are likely to appear in the very near future, and subscribers can be added today. In other words, I congratulate you on a new high-quality project on the list of crypto social networks.

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