Sometimes I do not even have enough words. Sometimes I’m just shocked by the questions you ask me. Yesterday I was asked, for example, about «what, how much and where to send e-mailings, and what texts to write in them.» This question was about the business with DreamTrips, which we are considering in the training course Rest.

In response, I wanted to ask another question, for example this: «Do you like a cat, have nine lives?» My friends, we do not have time for mailing, for spamming, or for any other nonsense. We do not have neither the time nor the desire to pressure someone, to convince someone, prove and persuade. This is all for nothing. You yourself, for example, want to get all that spam?

Answer me one more question. Why are we engaged in crypto social networks? If you have not yet understood, then we are not so much for earnings as for communication. Earnings are your reward for good and right communication. What does it mean? Correct communication is when you not only communicate, but also help people.

Yesterday, for example, I talked with two people. They know who it is about. One girl wrote «I’m bored», and the man wrote that he was irritated that users can not post the posts directly in Instagram, without the intermediary programs. I helped both of them. The girl gave this link , the man first helped and taught to publish posts and photos directly, and then gave the same link. As a result, I received two new partners.

Thank you that you at least do not write about where to get money in order to buy a gold (or even better platinum) card of DreamTrips for our travels and meetings. But I can tell you where. 1. Carefully read the Best section of the University of Crypto Networks on the Levelnaut website. 2. Find there the article «Where to look for airdrops?» and work with them for one month. 3. Make ONE withdrawal from all the crypto networks, in one month. And then you will find money in order to buy both — a card and a DreamTrips franchise. You will also make diversification of the crypto currency and will have a very useful business for our future meetings and travel business in reality, offline, crypto world and in fiat. You will also receive an excellent team for business and additional income.

Now explain to me what could be simpler than what I said? Why do we carefully collect and analyze information on crypto social networks? What do we spend for this time? So that you then send someone spam???

I hope that you have understood me well and you will not ask such stupid questions. Ask others. Also stupid. I agree to answer them. No problem. But not such as those listed at the beginning of the article. Thank you for understanding.

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