Blog or group?

Yesterday, when I explained to one of my friends how to make money in crypto meet-ups projects and get a great rest at the same time, he got a question. Answer to this may be useful to any of you, so be attentive.

Working with potential partners, referrals, followers, that is, with people who will follow you – this is a very important matter. You do not have the right to consider all these people only as a source of your extra money. You will never succeed if you think so.

On the other hand, working with your team takes a lot of time. And where to get it, if you hardly find time for your advancement and for your earnings in crypto social networks?

Of course, if you have already done such programs as we have at an open University of crypto social networks then it’s much easier for you. But if not? How to be in this situation?

I have already said many times that for this it is necessary to maintain a blog or organize your group in a social network. And, it is absolutely not necessary to open it in a crypto social project. It’s even better to create your group in a traditional network, like Facebook or some other. After all, most people simply do not know how to work with cryptocurrency and crypto networks. In this case, your advice to them will be very useful.

Each of the tips will bring them money. For example, you can simply show them what happens if you click the Subscribe button on 1000 new users on Minds and make 1000 likes in the newsfeed then. You will have several new Minds coins on the same day, each of which is equivalent to 1000 views, or to 1$.

How long does it take to make 1000 likes and click a thousand times on Subscribe? Half an hour? And maybe even less? And how long does it take to earn a few dollars on faucets? Do you understand everything? People are not stupid, they will make their own calculations and will themselves understand the value of your advice. And then they will follow you.

Therefore, it is not so important WHERE you will tell them about the secrets of effective work – in crypto social networks or in blogs, but WHAT you will tell. If your advice is valuable, you will be found even if you write them on the sand on some beautiful beach. But you still need to get to the beach. Right?

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