This is the last, to date, article from the course DreamTrips, which I plan to include in the course Rest. I want to remind you that we are talking about the training program at our open University of crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website.

In this post, I just want to talk about what is happening and how I can be contacted for further information on this topic.

The fact is that I want to take advantage of the situation in the crypto currency market and turn my attention to more active participation in this project. It was at this moment that my friends, the people who invited me to this project, come to a meeting in Romania, in the city of Brashov. Here are some photos that confirm this fact.

It is possible that I could be with them if I started participating in the project at least one or two weeks earlier. A little offended, but it is my own fault — I missed the opportunity. But I’m not upset, because in autumn I have planned the first trip in this project, to which I will go along with all my family.

If someone else does not quite understand what I’m talking about, then you can watch a video that best describes it. Click the link and see for yourself.

And now I will answer the question of how to contact me and receive further information on this topic in private messages.

First, you can just leave a comment on the Levelnaut website and I’ll contact you myself. Secondly, you can write me a message in any form at Thirdly, you can add my phone to WhatsApp 972547097451 And if you do not need my contacts and you just want to join the DreamTrips project, just enter data ID 71615070, when you will be registered in the project (otherwise the system will not allow you to do this).

Now, it seems to me that I have communicated everything that is needed. And such a post will be a good and correct completion of the Rest course in the program of the Open University of Crypto Social Networks on the Levelnaut website.