Infographics. Crypto Kings

Many of you know or, at least, have heard the names of those people about whom today will be spoken. This, of course, is not a complete list, but only information from Forbs. But this will be enough to understand who is who in the crypto-currency world.

Before that, I want to clarify only a few important points. First, Inographics is one of the courses of our open University of crypto social networks, which you all already know well.

And the second point. Graphic materials for this course were provided to the Levelnaut website by Karthik Reddy and project, and for this special thanks to him.

And now – attention to the screen. All the fun begins just now. Look, analyze and draw your conclusions.


As always, I will be happy with your comments and invite to study at the open University of crypto social networks, the link to which is indicated at the beginning of the article.

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