This post is not about a new idea, but about an old one. But since on the Levelnaut website we will talk about it for the first time, I will report this in the CryptoIdea section. What am I talking about right now?

It is possible that one of my friends or any internet users remembers one of my first projects, called MirBorisa. It was a very successful project, although I did not invest money at all in its development.

At one time there were published not only interesting articles, but even interviews with the stars of the music world, literature, sports, business and just with famous people.

Why was this site so popular? The answer is simple. At the very beginning of the project, I decided to publish in it cases that occurred with ordinary people in ordinary life. The idea was so promising and exciting that I barely managed to publish your cases and sort them by category. Sometimes I worked them up a little, but my copywriting abilities did not come in handy.

On the other hand, some of the authors of the cases, even became writers and … published their own books. Wonders happens… But we are not talking about this now.

CryptoIdea is – to start in our open University of crypto social networks, a special course of CryptoCases. In this course will be published any cases from the life of ordinary users. Cases and life episodes (funny and not) somehow related to the topic of crypto – bitcoin, altcoins, cryptocurrency, ICO, etc.

Conditions are the same. Along with the case (the usual small post, briefly describing the essence of the events – max 2000 letters), the author can send information about himself and a photo (optional) to the address marked (CryptoCases). And of course, any (one!) Link will be published, to any address (website, blog, page, etc.) that you need, and the article itself will be included in the full list of teaching materials of the University of Crypto Networks, the link to which is in the main menu of the website Levelnaut. As you can see, everything is simple.

I await your feedbacks, comments and, of course, cases from your life.

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