Rest. English practice

Today we have another lesson from Rest course, which is one of the most important, in my opinion, in the program of the open University of crypto social networks on the website.

In this lesson I will answer the most popular, most frequently asked question of all students who ask me and other English teachers.

Where can I get practice in English? Where can I find a partner for a conversation in English? How correctly to apply my knowledge? In different versions, it may sound like these variants, but all of them have the same meaning.

My friends on the project crypto meet-ups projects, who have just returned from Romania, will willingly prove it. Because they returned from one of the training meetings for travel business organizers. Moreover, they will say that for them English is the most important thing in life and that’s why they asked me to open a special course on the next Friday.

People from all over the world come to such meetings, so training and practice takes place in English.

Yes, yes, you have got the right idea – they meet, rest, earn and communicate in English.

Therefore, do not ask me these questions about which I wrote at the beginning of the article. You are simply badly looking for answers to them. Why should I create some magic answers for you each time?

By the way, all that I wrote could be interesting for English teachers and native-speakers. I hope they will also draw the right conclusions and see their prospects for business.

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