When I say energy, I want to tell you about something else. That is, not about the energy that is spent on obtaining a cryptocurrency, but about the energy that it gives. For example, I really want to tell you about my new project, which will be called CryptoLifeStyle. You can not even imagine how powerful this project will be.

But about CryptoLifeStyle, I’ll first tell you in the program of the CryptoIdea course, the materials of which can be found here https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/23/crypto-networks-university/ at our open University of crypto social networks.

And today, according to our plan, we have another lesson from the Infographics course, in which you will learn about how much electricity is spent for obtaining crypto currency.

As always helps me in this Karthik Reddy and his project btxchange.io where this information was posted for the first time. But you can see everything right now on the Levelnaut.com website where it is also represented by the author himself.


I hope that this information will be useful and interesting for you, so I will be happy with your comments.


Photo by pixabay.com