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In one of the previous articles, I wrote about the win5 strategy. This article is in the very first part of the open University of crypto social networks. I also promised to everyone, who will start working on this strategy, I will very seriously help in the implementation of life plans.

Just in case, I’ll remind you of the address of this article (it is also available in Russian and is easily translated from Google Translator to many others) and I recommend reading it one more time.

In the very near future I will write about who and how can become a participant in the win5 strategy. If you do not want to miss anything, then you better become a subscriber of the website

By the way, a few words about the website itself. Very soon the website will go to the highest business plan WordPress and will receive unlimited hosting and other important advantages. But the most important thing is that there will be no limits in the amount of content published here – texts, photos and videos.

What is it all about? This is necessary for the CryptoLifeStyle project, which will be just one part of the win5 strategy. Today, for the first time, I will say a few words about this. But right away I will say that CryptoLifeStyle is just a crazy project.

You all know very well that advertising on the Internet does not work or works very badly. No matter whether you are targeting or not, or invest a lot of money in all of these Google, Facebook, Yandex and other services. Most often – it’s just thrown out money and you do not get what you need.

CryptoLifeStyle is not an advertising project, but it will work much better than any advertising. And when you become a member of win5 and one of the authors of the site, then each of your posts will have your business card free. The same as my articles have. It will be sung after every material you publish, even after the shortest one or even after a few published photos.

In CryptoLifeStyle there will be several interesting sections about life and travel (the Rest project) by the authors of the Levelnaut website. We can say that this will be a collective blog. Here you will tell about your work with crypto, about interesting events from the category of mass-sport in different parts of the world or, for example, about markets in different countries.

Example. You go to the next meeting from our Rest program (information at the University of crypto networks) and participate in its work – learn, exchange information with other participants and, of course, relax.

During the rest you go to any of the local markets and take photographs of everything that is sold there. If one of the sellers wants to talk about their products on video, you give the opportunity to him to do it. Also, you give him a Levelnaut card and tell him when all this materials will be published.

After that, any of the sellers, whether he wants it or not, will become your advertising agent and will gladly start talking about our site. As a result, everyone gets their own – the seller’s advertising, you enjoy the journey through the market and excellent material for promoting your business card on the Levelnaut website. Once again I repeat – this is just one episode. Force your imagination and try to guess what will happen next.

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