Sapien at my PR laboratory

Sapien is not a completely new project on the market. Moreover, it has long time been on the list of potentials on the website and we are following it very closely.

But only today I have added it to the main list of crypto social networks, which is here and many of you are already familiar with it.

Of course, this website could have been on the main list a long time ago, but some important event happened only the day before. The fact is that yesterday all Sapien users received a letter from the creators and developers of the project, which says the following

“..Read-Only Implementation is live on the Beta for users who do not stake SPN.
Users who stake SPN can interact with the platform by creating posts, leaving comments, and up voting content.
Users who stake SPN also get access to the Sapien Content Rewards Program.
The Automated SPN Rewards Engine for users who stake SPN will launch in July.
Sapien will automatically stake 100 SPN for every user before July 11th.
The more SPN you stake, the more SPN you will be allowed to earn via the Automated Rewards Engine…”

As you may have guessed, this letter is the answer to many questions. The main conclusion is that those who did not have time or money to buy SPN coins have to hurry up and register in the project before July 11th.

At the moment, we do not know anything about the system of curatorship, boosterization and the referral program. Most likely, that information about this will also appear in the near future.

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