Decenturion is a reality

Today I will try to be reserved and pay attention to the facts, although emotions overwhelm me. What I will tell you today is more important than many other topics and even projects.

If you look in today at our open University of crypto social networks then you will see that there is no longer a course program Rest. Even in spite of the fact that a month ago I myself paid 500$ for joining one project (whose name I do not want to mention in order not to advertise it), I removed all references to it on the Levelnaut website.

Only now I understand how stupid I was. I was engaged in crypto projects, blockchain, development of crypto social networks, but joined… to the usual mlm, which symbolizes for me yesterday. But this is not the main thing, we all do mistakes. But we must learn from our mistakes and draw the right conclusions.

I was helped to draw the correct conclusions by the Decenturion project. In short, Decenturion is something that I and many of you have always dreamed of.

Decenturion is the first state on the blchain. More precisely, the state is a bad word, this is a word that I really do not like.

If I now start to talk about what Decenturion is, it will take me a very long time. Therefore, I want to tell everyone who believes in the crypto, anyone who still keeps some coins and believes in the future of cryptocurrency, to open this link and see the video on the main page.

Then drop the page below and look at the names of those who have already received invitations and who joined the project. You will be very interested.

One more thing. If you are waiting for the growth of bitcoins and all the other coins that you keep, then this is your chance. Decenturion is no longer a utopia, it’s reality!

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