Somee at my PR laboratory

Before reviewing Somee, I want to tell something important to representatives of all crypto social networks. I ask you to pay attention to this message not only the creators and developers, but especially the pr-managers (if such projects exist).

The matter is that starting from this month on every last day of the last month will be published a calendar of events in crypto networks for the next month. If you want your meeting (meet-up, conference etc.) to be listed in this calendar, then contact me at and send regularly here press releases or information in any form.

And now back to Somee. This project immediately appears into the main list of crypto social networks for legitimate reasons.

Firstly, it is a crypto social network, there is a possibility of communication between users and a system of rewarding users for activity. There is even an online purse, in which while ong.coins and etherium can be on the balance.

At the moment it works in the Beta version, like many others, that fall into our main list. That’s why I recommend hurry up with the registration in it at the address and with the filling of the profile.

As in many new crypto social networks, it’s still incomprehensible with the system of boosting and curating, but I think that very soon everything will be clear. And also we will find out whether the project will have a referral program.

But to start working with this site we have everything, so we will not be describing the Beta version for too long, but immediately start working with this project, testing it and helping the developers to make it better and more convenient for us – users.

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